Inks workshop at Quarry Arts, Ingleton 24/10/16 10am-3.30pm

Aly will be leading a workshop at Quarry Arts in Ingleton on Monday 24th October. There are still places available if you would like to book. All info (including other workshops they are offering) on the flyer below. It does say book by Friday, but you will be fine ringing Bobbie Millar on the morning: 07740 941950 We will be using artists acrylic inks.



Candlelight and Lightning

Both workshops featured dramatic lighting this week: at Photography Night, which was meant to be sunset themed, a fabulous storm raged, resulting a intermittent electricity cuts and a Hammer House of Horror atmosphere. The Life Drawers would have loved that lighting for their Prehistoric session, but made do with candles. They had exciting action poses to compensate though!

Life Drawing is back in a fortnight (29/9) and Photography Night on Tuesday (20/9) at which they will be ‘shooting from the hip’. Cameras at dawn then…

We’re packing our bucket and spades and are off on our hols!

August Opening Hours

It’s August, and at various times throughout the month we are either away on hols or artfairs. Because of this gad-about life style we cannot promise to be open at our usual times, so for the month of August will become a ‘pop-up’ art gallery: e.g, if we are in we will pop out the sign and you are welcome to pop up the stairs and pop in.

You can also ring for an appointment – 07773 583072 – and we will do our best to accommodate you. Back to normal in September. In the meantime, here is some holiday inspired art from both A.C and Darkside. Enjoy – and have a good summer.