Here are the winning tickets for the
Romanian Lives raffle:

First  White 476 – Mr Ian A      
Ian gets to choose one of Matt’s pictures from the Romanian Lives exhibition.

Second  White 117Jonathon
Jonathon gets to choose an ACTelfer A3
mounted print.

Third  Green 9 – Doris
Doris gets a ‘baker’s dozen’ of Studio22B
artist greeting cards.

Raffle Ticket Numbers

We will be in touch with the prize winners to organize a time to come to the studio to choose their prizes.

Thank you to all of you who bought tickets and came to the talk. We have raised £153 for Jubilee Outreach Yorkshire.

You can still donate by buying one of the pictures from the exhibition. They are £125 each, including the handmade oak frame. Matt will donate £50 from each sale to J.O.Y.


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