Photography Forum Evenings



Fortnightly on Thursdays 7-9.00pm £10

Booking form at foot of page,  or text Matt 07803 151699


Upcoming Topics:

25th May: Matt’s heroes of Composition
Format: Illustrated Lecture followed by discussion/practical session..

Ansel Adams

Content: Using examples from photographers that have and continue to inspire, you will see a slide show of some brilliant photographer’s work whilst Matt explains what makes the images work so well. A great opportunity to be introduced to, or re-visit some photographic art history and inspire your own work in the process. This would be of interest to all artists, not just photographers.

June 8th: The Psychology of Documentary Photographers

Format: Illustrated Lecture followed by discussion.

Manchester. Moss Side Estate. 1986. Stuart Franklin

Content:  Talking about how to be the Fly on The Wall and not The Elephant in The Room! We will be looking at the work of the best documentary photographers from the 20th and 21st centuries to see how they did it, and Matt will talk about the techniques he uses to get those exciting but unposed and natural shots.


June 22nd: Discussion Forum: Post production. How far to go? First base or the full monty?!
Format: Round table discussion and demonstration.


Once the image is out of the camera and in your actual or digital darkroom, how far do you go? Are you too shy and not going far enough or too gung-ho for your own good? Matt uses his own experience as well as examples from other photographers to show how just enough can help an image communicate what you want it to.

July 6th: TBC

July 29th: TBC




All the workshops are run by Matt Gartside of Darkside Photography. Matt has been a keen photographer since he was 12 and a professional photographer for over 25 years. See some of Matt’s work here.

Please book using the contact form below,
ring Matt on 07803 151699



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  2. Hi, I am interested to find out if the workbooks talk about and show you techniques. If the book does is there any chance I could purchase a book as I have crps and anxiety and find it diffult going to new places, hence not booking myself on.your course. I tend to take photos of scenery when husband takes me out, as well as photos of my 3 ferrets and two dogs.


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