Who we are and what we do

One studio, one gallery – Two Artists

Thursday to Sunday 2 – 6pm
Soughbridge Mill, Kelbrook, Lancs, BB18 6SZ

22B is the shared studio & gallery of painter ACTelfer and photographer Matt Gartside of Darkside Photography. The gallery doubles as Matt’s photography studio and as the venue for both photography and fine art workshops. Next door is Aly’s painting studio.

Both artists’ work  explores the natural world, from expansive landscapes to the tiny details within it, one using paint and the other using pixels. An ever changing selection of our work is always on display in the gallery.

We also offer mounting and framing. The framing is done by Matt and uses reclaimed wood with handcrafted mouldings and joinery, yet will not cost you any more than a ‘high street’ framer.

Our regular classes include Photography Workshops most Tuesday nights and Life Drawing fortnightly on Thursday evenings. It’s easy to keep up to date, just subscribe to this blog or drop us a line at art@actelfer.co.uk and ask to be put onto our mailing list.


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