Countdown to The Grand Opening (Sunday 19th July 12pm)

We have been slaving away every spare minute at the all new Studio22B &gallery. Floors have been scraped, holes filled, enormous gaps filled, lights fitted, leaks repaired, windows cleaned, walls and ceiling painted and the list goes on. Today sees the iconic moment of the floor being painted. Then we can finally start moving in properly and putting some ART up on the walls. We have held a couple of pictures – one Telfer, one Gartside – up on the walls to check the lighting and were chuffed up to the eyeballs with how good they looked with a fabulous level of detail and a welcome lack of reflections.

Here are some photos of us slaving over a hot paintbrush to amuse and delight. Don’t forget to come and see the finished product on Sunday 19th July from 12-6pm, or Thursday 23rd July 6-10pm. We’re still in Soughbridge Mill, just at the top of the stairs instead of the end of The Gloomy Corridor. BB18 6SZ.



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